Review Time

Whenever I have a bad customer experience I'll silently vow to myself that I'm going to head home and write a review on Google or Yelp. I'll mentally draft the scathing review with a few barbs aimed at the incompetence of the people who are supposed to be installing my cable or ensuring that there's no meat in my food, but I seldom ever follow through. For a while Yelp would allow people to write short reviews from their phones, but then you'd have to login to your account from a computer to publish them. That doesn't work for me since I have no idea what my password is. But one day after realizing I could setup a new password, I was able to login and see everything I'd drafted. Reading my stack of terse, one-star reviews made me sound like the most desperate, pathetic person in the world. I published them all anyway, and then I wrote a few nice ones for places I've never been to make me look like slightly less of an idiot. I have to maintain my credibility somehow.

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