Dan's Phone

I stayed with about a dozen friends over a long weekend in a rented house. The entire time we were there someone's cell phone sat on the kitchen table, though it wasn't until we were cleaning up the house on our way out of town that we realized it didn't belong to anyone in our party. It was a new Droid so we dug up a micro USB cable and plugged it in. We looked at the text messages and called the person who he'd contacted the most. That phone call should have taken 10 seconds, all you need to say is, "We just found this phone. Can you tell us who called you and we'll get it back to them?" It spiraled into a several-minute long conversation where the woman on the other end was trying to guess just who it was that had texted her several dozen times. She finally said, "Is it Dan's phone?" We all looked at each other in confusion, "Dan...?" Then someone shouted, "Dan!" He'd left only hours earlier after spending the entire weekend with us. It would seem the mystery was solved, until we looked at some of these text messages and found several that Dan's wife would not have been pleased to see. Wrong Dan, it turned out. Thank god.

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