That's How I Was Raised

I walked all over a suburb of Ft Lauderdale in Florida the other day and listened to nothing on my headphones but Hall & Oates---the classic, super smooth yacht-rock duo. It's one of those strange combinations that so ideal it's impossible to ignore. Every time I looked down during my walk I was surprised to see shorts and tennis shoes instead of white pants and loafers. No matter how much time I spend in this region of the country, I doubt I'll ever see it differently. Whenever I see a once very modern house that's now a few years old, I'll describe it as a "Miami house." I have no idea why, especially  considering that South Beach has such well preserved examples of Art Deco architecture. Perhaps it is this mentality that people are trying to describe when they say something idiotic and then defend it by saying, "That's how I was raised."

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