Idiot Rules

The guy who runs the front desk in my building at work won't let us take our bikes up in the passenger elevator. It's nice because I've become privy to the secret lives of the others in my building by talking to the freight elevator crew each day. Though on weekends the freight elevator shuts down, and if I head into work I'm forced into a confrontation with the front desk guy when I try to bring my bike upstairs. I try not to let stupid things like these arguments bother me, but there's something different about this. Perhaps it's that bikes and commuting are involved, two issues where I have strong opinions. But I think it's more petty than that. It infuriates me that this one guy refuses to ever break the rules, even when they're very stupid rules. And even more than that, it means that if I decide to break the rules and walk past him while he shouts at me--then I have to be the jerk. I guess that should make me empathize with him for following the idiotic rules. 

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