College Rooming

During a summer internship in college I left town and rented my room out to some guy I found though the online student listings. He was obsessed with his car, a new Mitsubishi Gallant, and he'd just told me and my roommates he was saving up for a neon license plate holder for it. So, basically, not someone too like minded. But he had cash so I let him take the room and left my friends, his new roommates, to sort it out. I never saw him again, but he lives on the lore. The guy who ate all of his meals laying on his bed and would stare at any women who visited our house. The man who would race his car on the back road by our house but lost to every single challenger. The same guy who hugged my friend's new boss when they randomly encountered him on the street years later. I'm not sure where the legends end and the stories begin, but I am thrilled I could be a catalyst for such memories.

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