The Comings and Goings

The building manager where I work doesn't let me ride in the passenger elevator with my bike, so I have to ride in the freight when I arrive in the morning. It gives me a chance to talk with the guy who operates the freight elevator, and I'm now privy to all of the interesting facts of our building. For example, did you know that the elevators in our building are over 20 years old (and no one in the U.S. will make the parts they need anymore, which is why someone gets trapped in them every other week)? The crew in our building also all just acquired walkie-talkies, and one guy always forgets to turn his off so you can hear every conversation that takes place in the lobby. Just yesterday one of the guys on the walkie jumped on to announce that a woman I work with had arrived. I remarked that I thought it odd they noted the coming and going of only a few people, but the guy I was with in the freight said that it's because the woman's a fire marshal and they need to make a note of when she arrives every day. Though the same woman often works from home, and I can tell you they've never sent a search party up to our floor when she hasn't come into work.

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