Move Along Kids

Right now there are four teenagers sitting on a bench and on the ground outside my apartment building while a security guard from the next door building writes down information into his notebook as he's presumably questioning them. Either that or he's drawing sketches of all of them and requested that they make ashamed faces. For the life of my I cannot understand why they don't just get up and walk away, but I suppose it's good they've maintained a healthy respect for authority this long. I remember the first time I ran from a campus security guard. I was riding around on my bike on some long staircases with older friends and a car drove past. The security guard leaned out the window and yelled, "Stay there!" I stood with my hands at my sides wondering what new punishment would befall me, but my friend hopped back on his bike and yelled over his shoulder to me, "I think he said 'move along!'"

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