School Theme Days

I was elected to my grade school student council's treasury, though I had no real power. It was a figurehead position. I'd ask our school's receptionist for the student council's bank account balance before each meeting and it would vary wildly, though we never took any money out or put any in. I never thought to ask why this was the case. The only influence I had was in sitting at the head table of the council and being able to make comments without raising my hand. While voting on themes for Spirit Week, I backed the idea of a girl I liked: cross-dressing day. I had no idea what it meant, but with her support it won. The school was instructed to comply, but on that day (which fell between crazy hair day and big hat day) no one except the girl that I liked dressed up. No one knew what cross dressingwas. Things never really worked out with that girl anyway.

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