Science Fiction Crowd

If you asked me if I like science-fiction movies and books, I'd say no. I rarely watch films in the genre and don't read many sci-fi books. But it occurs to me that many of my favorite movies and books are from the genre. I'm a lover of Star Wars (the first three anyway, and you know what I mean when I say the 'first' three), and another of my favorite movies is Blade Runner. I also love Philip K Dick, Isaac Asimov, and Douglas Adams. I think that I don't identify myself as a fan of sci-fi because I never dress up in costumes and wait outside theaters or book stores. That's the stereotype I imagine when I think about sci-fi, and it's unfair. I'll say I love classical fiction books, but that's because no one ever dresses up as Hemmingway or F. Scott Fitzgerald. It's easier to associate yourself with a crowd that isn't known for wearing costumes.

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