Packaging Anger

My former co-worker spent a lot of his time in a state of outrage. He'd get mad that someone didn't clean the ring left by their coffee cup in the kitchen, and he'd write detailed emails about responsibilities in replacing the paper towels whenever they ran out. One day he flew into a rage when a particular outdoor company sent us a DVD in a massive paper package. It was a video about their new technology. Instead of ranting to just us, he decided to bring the package to an industry tradeshow. He chose not to confront the offender who'd mailed the package, and instead took it to a local environmental group at the show to try to garner support for his cause. But he found the wrong person. The guy he talked to happened to be a designer who found the intricate package to be clever marketing, and he pointed out to my friend that sending a recyclable DVD instead of a massive catalog was also efficient. After days of carrying around this huge DVD package, his moment of crowning glory was destroyed. It was great to be there.

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