Mailing Address

About one-fourth of the mail I receive is sent to the guy who used to live in my apartment. Some of it looks pretty important. I've lived in the same place for three years, and I'm still getting his mail. Once in a while I'll get a piece of mail for someone else, and I guess that's the person who lived in this apartment before him. It makes me wonder what kind of important mail the residents in my old apartment building are fielding on my behalf. I know the guy who moved into my old place, and I see him a few times a year. The first time he had a stack of old bills and magazines for me, but since then I guess he's been throwing it away. I hope I haven't missed any fun weddings. The guy who lived in my apartment before me was named Robert Thompson, and I'm named Rocky Thompson, which I think contributes to my mail person's confusion. Then again, maybe I signed up for a mailing list once with a fake name, and now I'm getting all that mail. But I don't think that's the case. I would have done a bit better choosing a fake name. Xylo Xanthum or Larry Bird, for example.

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