I'm terrible at darts but I love the game 301. All players start with 301 points and you subtract whatever you throw. The first person to reach zero points wins, but you have to hit zero exactly and you have to do it by hitting a double on the dartboard. The beauty of the game is that you're always moving forward. As long as you hit the board instead of the wall behind it, you're taking points off, always marching towards zero with a verifiable track record. Few things in life have such easy-to-document finality. And the best part is that since I'm terrible at the game, I never win, and I never plan on winning. I can't hit doubles on the dart board to save my life, but due to the nature of the game, it always seems like I lost by just a tiny bit, and it's close right up to the end. The point isn't to win, but to enjoy the ride. And it helps that I never bet on the game and I'm usually drinking beer when I play. I recommend trying it yourself.

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