The Money Man

I spent a few months of my life working at a store that sold cheese from all over the world. We were attached to a massive wine and liquor store. When I worked the late shift, they'd make all of us wait in the lobby until the manager had set the alarm and then we'd all leave together. They did it that way so that if someone was going to try to rob the guy carrying the money, they wouldn't know which one of us to attack. At this wine store, we would offer wine tastings every day. And whatever bottles were opened, we were allowed to take home at the close of business. As a consequence of standing around waiting for the manager to let us all go, some of us would begin drinking wine to pass the time. One overzealous employee in particular would be able to crush at least one bottle a night before they let us go. He was a lot of fun, and I'll never forget the time he rode past us on his bike on the way home and yelled, "Nice bikes pretty boys!" moments before crashing over a guardrail. It was all in good fun.

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