Free Beer Backfire

I once attended an event catering to scores of outdoorsy folks, and the fine brewers of Dale's Pale Ale were kind enough to donate crates and crates of their beer to the event. It was pretty new and just out in cans, which are perfect for camping since you don't want to haul bottles into the backcountry. The event attendees swarmed the free beer and auxiliary dumpsters brought in to handle the empties overflowed. And still there was more beer to drink. After we'd drunk to the point of falling over, the few who remained standing were encouraged to fill their bags with full cans. What looked like a perfect promotion on paper didn't work out so well. Though it was years ago, to this day myself and all of my friends who attended the event still do not drink Dale's Pale Ale. And all I can think when I see someone drinking Dale's is, "You paid for that?"

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