Bar Jukebox

When I go to bars with jukeboxes I'll describe their music selection as "great" if it mirrors my iPod. This makes sense. Have you ever gone to a bar and played a bunch of music on the jukebox that you didn't know? No, of course not. You pick favorite songs, happy to hear them as a comfortable reminder of other times will sitting barside. But the other day, I was in a bar and saw one of my favorite Replacements albums. I ticked down the track list, deciding which I'd choose to play. Surprise tingled up my spine as I saw the last song. This was an album I'd loved for ages, but I didn't recognize the last track. What could this mean? Perhaps this bar had a rare album with a hidden track I'd never heard. Or perhaps playing this nonexistent song would create some kind of hole in the space-time continuum and I'd be tossed back to the mid-80s. I played the song, of course, and I wish I could say I was writing this email from 1985, but alas, friends arrived and I never noticed if it actually played. Then today I noticed a woman wearing acid wash jeans and thought...maybe?

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