Bad Teacher

As a high school student I operated under the notion that my teachers, even the few that I thought were idiots, had some inherent knowledge of the real world. And one day I would find that were right about whatever it was they were saying. In the past few months I've had occasion to come into contact with a couple coaches and teachers, and it made me reflect on these few educators I had and realize that they were, in fact, idiots. Many of the teachers whose warnings I looked upon with derision turned out to be true. I wish I'd paid more attention to American History and my boring Civics class, and the other day I needed to do long division and found out that the subtleties of completing this easy math has fled my brain. But that rare teacher that I thought was a bully; he really was just a bully. Too bad it's impossible to tell the difference when you're a 17-year-old kid. And by now it would look really pathetic if I got caught egging their houses.

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