Peter Pan

I'm not much of a theater person. The only time I go and see plays is when people come into town and they want to go see them. So my girlfriend's parents came into town and she worked through a connection to get some discounted tickets. Due to a ticket buying mistake we had three tickets together and then one on its own. I took the solo ticket and it ended up being next to a bunch of other people who were also by themselves. While I don't describe myself as a theater person, I can now tell you that people who go to the theater by themselves would definitely say they're theater people. The folks I sat next to had seen every play and were adding this one to their list. And being friendly outgoing folks, not only did they all have opinions, but they all wanted mine. I told them my only frame of reference for musicals was when I saw Peter Pan in 7th grade, and compared to that, this was pretty okay. They agreed. Being entertained is universal.

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