Fast Food Meat

Fast food meat is treated with so many additives, flavor enhancers, dyes, preservatives, shellacs, bone chars, mysterious natural flavors and bacterial inhibitors, that I have to wonder, why not just use soy? Rely on all those chemicals and enhancers to make the soy look and taste just like the over-processed meat. It would probably be cheaper and safer to produce, and it would certainly be better for the planet. I don't know that it'd be any better to consume, but there's no way it could be any worse. I suspect there would be massive consumer backlash to hamburger patties made of soy, so here's my idea: just don't tell anyone. The government could be made to comply and allow the fast food joints to continue calling it 'meat' if they sprayed it with some beef tallow. Then ten years from now when people figure it out, they can thank the fast food companies for working to make us slightly less fat.

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