Hate Stares

After waiting in line for 15 minutes at the train station I asked the seller for a one-way ticket. The ticket seller said the track was under construction and that he thought I'd have to take a shuttle bus past the first four stops. I told him that the sign said it's on track 2. So he said, "Go ask customer service and then come back." I said that I'd prefer not to wait in the line all over again and possibly miss my train, so he told me just to skip the line and come straight back to the window. After checking with customer service I found out that I would indeed need to take a bus, but I still needed to buy the ticket. Now I'm faced with walking past a huge line of people waiting to buy tickets, and they didn't know I was there before. To them I'm just a guy who skips lines. Plus, of course the ticket seller is busy with another customer, so I have to stand there after skipping the line with about 50 people giving me dirty looks me like I'm some kind of jerk. There's really no great etiquette tip to learn either. Short of shouting to everyone in line that I'd already waited in line and was told to skip it, there's little I can do.

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