Liking Not Winning

There's a woman who lives in my building who gets home from work about the same time as me, but we've never shared an elevator. I always roll in with my bike from the ride home, and if we're meant to share the ride she'll say, "I'll take the next one" while looking at my bike. There's plenty of room for her, and often people will ride with me without incident. I can tell she's angry about me taking my bike in the elevator, but casting rude looks and waiting for the next elevator isn't a very effective way to deal with the problem. It would be better if she got in the elevator and screamed at me during the ride, making the ordeal equally unpleasant for both of us. Then again, I would still ride the elevator instead of carrying my bike up four floors. Really there's no way she can win in this situation except to accept that she can never win and then try to like it.

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