Ship Rooms

I had been staying in the same small room aboard a ship for a few days. Since we were at sea and everyone knew each other, there was no need for room keys. After a couple cocktails and dinner I retired to my room to work on my computer for a bit and then go to bed. I walked into my room and sat at my desk, logged in and worked for about a half hour. Then I stood up and turned on a light to go to bed. That's when I noticed the painting hanging on the wall. I'd been in the room several days but never noticed it. What followed was a brief groundless moment where I had no idea where I was, and though I'd just worked on my own computer I thought I was in the wrong room. I checked the bed to make sure no one else was in it, and then took a mental inventory of all my surroundings so that I wouldn't slip into momentary panic the next time I went to bed.

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