Highway Biking

I was riding my bike along the frontage road, talking to myself about something important and not paying all that much attention. Then I noticed that the light to cross the highway was green. These lights are red for such great lengths of time that I took the green to cross even though it was several blocks earlier than where I normally cross. I figured I'd just ride the frontage road on the other side. But what's this? As soon as I make it across the lanes of oncoming traffic I realize there's no way to get to the other frontage road. Construction barricades eight feet high run along the narrow street up to the next exit. The light had changed, no chance to cut back to the other side. Is this how it's going to end for me? Getting rundown on the highway because I was too busy talking to myself to notice crossing was impossible. All I could think was, "Thank god my girlfriend isn't here. She'd be really freaking out right now." Then I rode my bike on the highway for several blocks. But it was the oddest thing. No cars honked at me. They would have been well within their rights to do so, perhaps they were just as surprised as me to see some idiot biking down the highway.

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