Gambling Man

I consider myself lucky that I hate gambling. I mean, I'll bet on a basketball game or American Gladiators to make it more interesting to watch, but sitting at a blackjack table or playing slots is dull. I thought I'd be able to get into some dice games and I had a friend try to teach me craps. The game is so needlessly complex that after about an hour I'd lost all my fake chips at the practice table and still had no idea what I should bet on or where I should put my money. Not that it matters all that much I suppose since it's not like your bets influence how the dice will land. I finally told him that I was giving up and that I would go forward in life not learning how to play craps. He said, "That's a good move. Once you understand it you'll wish you'd never learned it. Kind of like scotch." Though I am glad that I didn't take his advice on the latter.

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