Human Preserves

Food preservatives are AMAZING. I'll make juice at home sometimes, and if I drink half of it right away and the other half 20 minutes later, I can tell a big difference. Apple juice becomes tart and orange juice sours. And if I make juice and let it sit overnight, it's undrinkable. After 24 hours any juice tastes like rotten lemons and takes on the brownish hue of old guacamole. But not the bottled and canned mass-produced stuff they put in the grocery stores. You can let that sit out for a month and it still tastes great thanks to the miracle of preservatives. But I have to wonder, what the hell are those preservatives doing to my body? I imagine they're slowly pickling my internal organs. One day a future civilization will find all the perfectly preserved corpses of our generation. And after studying us and our customs they'll say, "Maybe we should stop using preservatives in everything."

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