Clipless Pedals

There must be a reason that so many people have a grudge against cyclists. It can't be our spandex, nor have I found that many of my cyclist friends have the holier-than-thou attitude you find at the Mac Genius Bar. No, the reason is clipless pedals. Everyone who makes the transition from normal platform pedals or toe-clips to clipless pedals falls at least once when they panic and try to rip their foot off the pedal instead of twisting it sideways to disengage. This almost always happens when you're sitting next to a line of cars at a stoplight. And those people in cars have no idea why you just stopped and fell on your side like you're going through some kind of episode. I can see why witnessing this a few times would engender feelings of confusion and later superiority for motorists. Let's all agree to get plenty of practice with clipless pedals before venturing outside.

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