The Underdog

I remember a few years ago when the college George Mason out of Washington D.C. sent a team deep into the NCAA basketball tournament. This was a low seed team that came out of nowhere to make a run against some better teams that had off nights. They played spectacular basketball, but no one could have predicted their run. Well, no one except one guy. CBS and Yahoo! run online bracket programs where everyone in the country who enters has their picks recorded. Out of everyone in the U.S., by the time George Mason made it to the finals, only one guy had gotten all of his picks right on his tournament bracket. It's with that guy in mind that I fill out my picks each year. Friends who I bet against think I'm a 'dart thrower' that just feeds the league's pool, but one year I'll be that famous guy who picks a 16-seed team to win the championship. It's always more fun to root for the underdog.

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