Selling Old CDs

A friend's college professor thought he'd make a couple dollars selling his old CDs to an on-campus record store. This professor was very detail oriented, and it was in this spirit that he engraved every single one of his CD cases with his name in large, bold letters. One day a music loving student of his was browsing the racks and came across some of his professor's CDs. He didn't buy any, but told several of his classmates about their teacher's music on display at the local shop. From then on it became common for his new students to make a pilgrimage to the record store to see their new teacher's old Bel Biv Devo, Boyz 2 Men, and Arrested Development albums. I have no idea why the record store would have bought these albums from the old professor, but it was a wise move since it did wonders for brining in foot traffic.

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