Juice Cooking

I was playing with my new juicer over the weekend and decided to make some Bloody Marys from scratch. After a bit of research online and a few of my own flourishes, I ended up with the juice of two tomatoes, half a stick of celery, two jalapenos mixed with a couple ounces of vodka and shaken with ice. I poured it into a glass for inspection/drinking, and what I saw looked like lemonade that went bad a year ago and tasted kind of like a BLT with nasty tomatoes. I drank it and experimented with a few other Bloody Mary-esque fresh concoctions, but I never arrived at the cocktail I've been drinking with breakfast food for the past several years. The thing that troubles me is, if this is what Bloody Marys really look like, what exactly have restaurants been serving me with brunch the past several years?

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