Game Time Decision

Two days ago I was on a flight during the Green Bay Packers game. The flight had wifi but not live TV, so I used the wifi to try to stream the game from some shady Eastern European site. They had a feed from Germany with two announcers talking endlessly in a language I find baffling, and even worse, since Delta's wifi wasn't very powerful, I spent most of the game looking at a blinking screen while the video was frozen. Midway through the first quarter, I gave up. I shut everything down and put on a cocoon of silence. By the time we landed I had no idea who'd won, but I knew everyone else would know. I didn't look at TVs in the terminal, left on my headphones, and was prepared to clamp my hands over my ears if the pilot gave any indication of sharing the winner of the night's football games with us. I rushed home and watched the recording, which of course cut out 10 minutes before the end of the game, so I had to go online to find out the final score anyway. The good news is that I could have waited another entire day. No one talked to me about the game, and no strangers (as I'd feared they would) shouted football scores at me as I rode my bike past. Come to think of it, no stranger has ever yelled a football score at me. It's odd what you can become worried about when you fixate too much on one thing. Go Packers.

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