I have mixed feelings on the WikiLeaks. On one hand I like the transparency and accountability, on the other hand I understand that negotiations become tough when the other side knows all your secrets. That said, I've immensely enjoyed reading all of the articles regarding leaked documents. Some of my favorites: Gaddafi's all-girl security force and his fear of sleeping in a building above the first floor; a Russian wedding where drunken guests threw balled-up $100 bills at children dancers; and the story about a diplomat's brother rolling into the UAE with $52 million in cash. Do you know what a pile of $52 million would look like? That guy must have been driving a semi. The crazy thing about these stories is that they prove some world leaders are actually as crazy as pundits and reporters have been saying. I usually expect some level of exaggeration when people report on the level of craziness of world leaders, but it turns out that they're just as insane as we've been hearing.

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