The Job Offer

While working at a rural newspaper just after college, I was dispatched to the local radio station for reasons not clearly explained to me. When I arrived at the small hut at the base of a huge radio tower, they asked me to read some 'teaser' copy on a few of the articles I'd written. It took about 15 minutes, and when I was done they casually threw out the idea that I could come and work for them. In hindsight, working within 10 feet of a powerful radio tower couldn't have been a very healthy choice, but it was a nice ego boost. When I returned to the office, my fellow reporters asked how it went. I said it was fine, and then one of them chimed in that she'd been offered a job by them the last time she was there. Then one by one, everyone announced they'd gotten a job offer. It killed my ego boost, but by then I was just really happy that I hadn't said 'yes' to the offer. Apparently that person offering the jobs was completely unauthorized to hire anyone and functionally insane.

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