Thanksgiving Travel Plans

People are FREAKING OUT about flying on Thanksgiving. I hate flying, so my natural state when using this mode of travel is the 'freak out,' so I'm extra anxious this holiday season. Apparently everyone is making a fuss and saying they're going to refuse full-body scans and opt for the vigorous pat-downs. The idea is to prove a point -- we don't like full-body scans. I'm not sure why everyone else hates them, but I'm not keen on the idea of walking into a radiation chamber. It's the same reason I ask them not to shoot radiation directly into my skull whenever I go to the dentist. People thought I was crazy, but a few days ago I read an article that some dental x-ray machines are unregulated and operate at too high levels of brain-frying. That said, I have no intention of opting out of the body scan this time around. Not that I think it's good -- it's just that these are the extremes I'm willing to go to not to have to wait longer in an airport. I hate waiting in airports.

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