The Stench

I climbed into a cab yesterday and gave the driver an address in Brooklyn. It was raining so I found it odd that one of the back windows was all the way down. Just before climbing into the cab, I'd seen a bit of graffiti that said, "WWJD." The oddity of seeing that in graffiti was rolling around in my brain when the smell of the driver's Brut aftershave floored me. I had a bit of a sinus cold, but this stuff cut right through it. It explained the rolled-down window, and I cracked my window and stuck my nose into the rain just to get a break. The smell gave me an instant headache and I fought the urge to vomit. It made me think, WWJD? There's not really a clear answer in this case. Say something and hurt the guy's feelings? Just jump out of the cab and go into a commando roll? I decided to silently suffer.

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