Laminate This

The bike and ski shop where I worked through high school was staffed mostly with part-time employees. Most of the bike mechanics were electrical engineers, and most of the sales people were, well, sales people in their other professions. One of them drove a Ford Taurus and sold laminating machines, and through some shakeup within his company he was able to procure a rather large one for our store at no cost. As a bike and ski shop, we had little use for an industrial laminating machine. At least, at first we didn't. We laminated a few price lists and other important shop papers. Then we laminated a glove. Then a T-shirt from the lost-and-found. We eventually ran out of plastic to feed into the machine and stopped using it. But I know that one day future civilizations will discover those pieces of lunchmeat and T-shirts, all perfectly preserved through the power of lamination.

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