Fall Shifts

Fall has arrived. I love the shoulder seasons. You get a change in temperature, my allergies shift as the pollen in the air changes, I always get sick for a few days, and then I can start biking to work without requiring a shirt change when I arrive. The only downside is this archaic daylight savings time change we'll have to go through soon. I hate that the sun goes down so early. I know that I could move to Arizona to get out of it, but frankly, I'd put up with a lot more to stay out of Arizona. I could be that guy who refuses to change his clock and all of his friends have to tell him and hour earlier when they wanted him to show up, but then that would be my thing. Everyone would know me as the guy who refuses to accept daylight savings time. I can't let that define. No, it's better to just complain about it to anyone who will listen.

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