The Cheap Stuff

A bottle of Montezuma triple sec has darkened the shelf I keep my liquor on for far too long. Montezuma is the cheap triple sec. And the only reason you need triple sec is to make margaritas. I remember the one time some sad sack mentioned drinking "triple sec and Cokes" and ended up getting punched, but that's another story. No, if I ever need a new bottle of triple sec, I'll pay the extra money to get a nice looking bottle of Cointreau -- something that can sit on the liquor shelf and not make me look like a cheap jerk. Cointreau might cost four times more than that $7 bottle of Montezuma, but at least it's not named after a king whose legacy includes giving diarrhea to tourists. I have to replace this bottle of triple sec. So basically, I've been drinking a lot of margaritas lately.

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