Strike the Set

My high school had an enormous auditorium that was big enough to host global luminaries such as Kenny Rodgers and David Copperfield. One of my easiest and most rewarding classes in high school was called Technical Theater. We'd build the sets for our own school's plays, which were woefully under attended. To boost attendance, they required that everyone taking Technical Theater go to the last performance. They justified it under the shaky pretext that we had to take some of the set apart immediately after the show was over. Sitting through three hours of Camelot performed by my peers was definitely the hardest part of the class, but utterly destroying the fake tree we'd made on the stage after the show was very satisfying. Those who lingered in the auditorium got to watch us tear the thing apart in about 10 seconds, and looking back, I consider that bit of performance art much more engaging and interesting than the prior three hours of teenagers in leotards.

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