Passive-Aggressive Marketing

I get on a lot of charity mailing lists for giving co-workers $10 or $20 when they fundraise for marathons, triathlons or whatever they're into. It's not enough to run a marathon and talk about it all the time anymore -- now you need to begin talking about it months in advance and asking for money. I'm happy to give a little cash for any cause, I just don't like it when the charity takes my mailing address and then sends follow-up mailers for years. The worst offenders are the passive-aggressive charities. Every time I go home to visit my parents, I have mail from some charity that sends me a couple pages of return-address labels with my name, my parents' address and a picture of Ziggy. I haven't lived with my parents for awhile, but I suppose that if things go south and I have to move back home, I could use these return-address labels if I ever begin sending mail again. I don't want or need these address labels, and the fact that the charity sends them to me before I send them money strikes me as a passive-aggressive way to fundraise.

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