The Huffy Toss

On a Saturday evening at the bike shop, after a long day of a very successful sale, we toasted our success with a few cans of Pabst in the parking lot, and then we found an old Huffy to throw around. The Huffy Toss is essentially the same as the shot put, but instead of a shot, you throw a bike. By the time we'd gone on a few more beer runs to replenish the supply, the bike had become an unrecognizable hulk of metal. Both wheels had fallen off, and we were rolling the only near-circular one back-and-forth in the parking lot. It got away from us and careened towards a parked car. At the same moment a man walked into our field of vision, also heading for the same car. He put the key in the door the moment the wheel hit it. But luckily, the bike wheel hit his tire and didn't do any damage. We were all trying to act casual, except my co-worker Rob who didn't notice the disturbance. He had kept busy the whole time picking up the Huffy frame and repeatedly bashing it into the asphalt. It's likely Rob had a lot to do with the driver not complaining about his car getting hit.

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