I Totally Get. You See, I'm Crazy Too

I had the experience today of overhearing what a crazy person was saying on the street and completly understanding what she was talking about. She was on a corner standing astride an old rusty beach cruiser when a BMW blew past her. I was pulling up to the corner, and it took her a few moments to get her thoughts together. After the BMW was far down the street, she addressed it as if it was a person who'd been rude to her, and she wondered what it could be in such a hurry for. It was such a logical thing to say that I actually thought she might be a poetry professor making a mental note for later. Then she turned to me and asked how to get to Houston. I said, "Houston?" and she said, "Mmmm, Hudson." I began explaining to her how to bike there, but she started riding away in the direction I pointed before I could even get going on the directions. So then I stood there on the corner by myself, yelling directions at her back, in my own little version of crazy for someone else to observe.

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