Was Spuds MacKenzie Irish?

If someone challenged me to come up with the most stereotypical Irish name I could imagine, it would have to be Spuds MacKenzie. In case the name doesn't ring a bell instantly, he was the bull terrier that was used to sell Bud Light for years. He wore Hawaiian shirts and surfed, and he played drums in a rock-and-roll band. After Bud Light halted their Spuds MacKenzie advertising campaign, rumors swirled about his death for years. The most common was that he was accidentally run over by a Budweiser delivery truck. For some reason in the 1980s, we were compelled to start rumors about horrible deaths suffered by actors used in ads. That one about Mikey from the Life cereal commercials suffering an exploded stomach after eating Pop Rocks and then drinking Coke didn't go away for ages.

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