Road Justice

People who drive on the shoulder of the highway when traffic is at a standstill are jerks. The only time it's okay is if they're going to the next exit up the road, but more often they drive past the exit and merge back in, skipping ahead in line several spaces. I do my best to not let these people merge in front of me, but the kind of people who feel entitled to skip 10 cars in traffic by driving on the shoulder are the same type of people who will take you to court over a traffic accident. It's just not worth dealing with losers. So last night, during a two-hour traffic backup at the toll booths, I was annoyed but not angry at the guy who merged off the shoulder right in front of us, but I was elated when the cop parked on the shoulder shined a flashlight in the guy's window and told him to pull back onto the shoulder. Right ahead of the cop was a long line of cars also parked on the shoulder, with a couple more cops writing tickets to all of them. The best part was passing the guy who'd merged in front of us after he was forced to pull over. It's important to appreciate the little justices in life.

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