The Viking Funeral

While camping on a well-populated lake, my friend's beloved camping cup broke. We debated about what to do with it for a few moments, and settled on the only appropriate tribute available: a Viking funeral. I'm not even going to try to justify the environmental ramifications of setting a cup on fire and pushing it to sea, so I'll just apologize; sorry for polluting. As luck would have it, the moment we lit the flammables in the cup and pushed it off the shore, we heard the puttering of a motorboat around the point. The sheriff must have heard about Zach breaking his cup, and he decided to come and pay his respects. That's the only reasonable explanation, since the guy floated about 50 feet offshore but didn't say anything. Usually, you'd be able to approach a group of guys watching a fire on the lake's surface and be confident that there's some law-breaking going on.

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