Hang Up and Drive

I try not to talk on my cell phone when driving. I understand why some people put bumper stickers on their cars that say "Hang Up and Drive," but sometimes you have to get on the phone while driving. Maybe you're stuck in traffic and want to let people know you're running late, or it might be an empty highway in the middle of the night and you're working to stay awake. While working at a small town newspaper in Minnesota, I would be dispatched to work at an even smaller town (pop. 1,300) one day every two weeks. There was not a lot of breaking news to cover, so most of my stories involved calling members of the chamber of commerce. I'd get them on their cell phone, and to a person, they'd always ask me to hold on and then they'd pullover into pasture land to chat. I admired their commitment to safety, but the closest thing to traffic on any of those roads was a cow getting lose and wandering around. I think it would have been safe to have a talk while driving 20mph on an empty country road.

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