First Day to Check In

I made a note on my calendar for this weekend. "First day you can check in." I have no idea what this is in reference to. For all I know, it might be something really private that I'm sharing with a bunch of people. Whatever it was, at the time I made the note, I thought it was important enough that I would not need to add any additional details. I thought it was so important that I would never forget. I think that quite a bit about stuff I can't find. I'll have some important paper that is so important that I'll think, "I shouldn't put it in this weird place, because I'll forget where I put it." But then I'll assume that it's so important that I'll remember where I hid it when I actually need it. The time comes and I'll need the paper, but I won't know where it is, but I'll remember my logic that I put it somewhere weird that I'll never forget. It never works out.

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