Enjoy in Moderation

We walked into a bar once and bumped into a casual acquaintance we'd met a couple times. It turned out to be his birthday, and he'd celebrated by drinking enough so that his eyes no longer lined up. We said hi to him and chatted a bit. Apparently the bouncer at the door noticed, because about an hour later when our birthday acquaintance spilled a shot all over his face instead of into his mouth, the bouncer came over to us and told us that we had to take our friend and leave. We didn't know the guy well or who he was hanging out with, so we nodded that, yes, we understood what was being asked of us, then after a brief discussion among ourselves, we agreed to stay at the bar and see how that played out. Our acquaintance left awhile later, and that was the last time I ever saw him. So far, it seems like our decision was the right one.

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