Computer Games

One of my old neighbors used to have a desktop computer when we were little kids. They cost roughly the same compact cars back then, so his parents buying and installing one in his bedroom represented something of an investment in his future. Last I heard he was landscaping in Jackson Hole in the summers, fly fishing a lot, and then skiing all winter.  I guess he got his sitting-in-front-of-a-computer work done early enough in life. We used to play video games on his computer all the time, and I remember that after plugging in the 5.25in floppy disk, it would prompt us to go to the game's instruction booklet, and enter the word found on a specific page and in a certain location. It occurred to me finally that this was among the earliest efforts to curb software piracy, since besides copying the disk, you'd also have to photocopy the instruction booklet. They really haven't improved their methods since.

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