Bad Seats for the Game

My school's football team wasn't very good, but we had an enormous stadium. Games were so poorly attended by students that they school began offer season ticket packages for less than $30 in the student section. Individual games cost about the same, and we'd go to a couple a games a year, so we went in and bought season tickets. You could get big blocks of seats together, but you had to send in all your money at the same time. We finally got our act together and went to the ticket office on the very last day that the deal was still available. They didn't tell you your seats right away, so you had to wait for your pack of tickets to arrive in the mail. When the tickets arrived, we knew they weren't great, but we didn't know how bad they were until we actually went to the first game. The backs were at the wall of the stadium, but I'm not sure why they had to put us all the way up there since no one sat in about 40 or 50 rows in front of us.

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