The Utility of Signatures

My signature has stayed basically the same since 8th grade. I made the decision to adopt my current style in 6th grade, but it wasn't until I landed my first job and had to sign about 10 forms in a row that my signature acquired its sloppy gait. If you didn't know my name, there is no way you'd be able to guess it from looking at my signature. Not that it's any use since no one who I submit my signature to knows what it's supposed to look like--or even knows my name for that matter. But you sign a few credit card receipts with an X and all of the sudden everyone wants to see your ID. I think I'd be better off signing my name with a little stamp that I carry around. At least then I'd definitely know whether someone had forged my name at the video store, and I bet that every sales clerk would remember me since I'd be known as the guy with the stamp.

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