The Remote Start

Eric picked up a remote-start add-on for his Ford Taurus at the local department store. It came with a VHS video that taught you how to install it. Once properly installed, Eric would be able to start his car by pushing a button on his keychain. This is valuable if you live in Minnesota and want to let your car warm up for a minute before you climb into it. I didn't own a car, and after dropping Eric at the airport one weekend, he told me to feel free to drive his Ford Taurus around town. I began wheeling around immediately, and my first stop was the liquor store. I pulled in, turned off the ignition, and pulled out the key, but the engine did not stop running. So I went into the store and bought a dirty 30 of Milwaukee's Best, then went back to the car and drove it home. Again, the engine did not turn off when I parked the vehicle at my house. It seems that this is common with aftermarket remote starters, but considering the alternative, it's a reasonable price to pay considering all the convenience.

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